Why do you find a section about training in CookingTherapy?

That’s a good question!
If you are curious to discover it, I suggest you to read the following paragraphs, where I will explain you not only why but overall what I mean as “training”.

CookingTherapy and training

Through the project of CookingTherapy my will is to share with you my personal experiences, habits, actions that help me to feel better every day.
The objective is that, experimenting them, you can find useful suggestions for your daily life.

What do I mean with “feel better”?

  • keep the body healthy and in good shape
  • handle digestive difficulties
  • release daily stress

Over the years, in pursuing this wellness, I have found out that

training is fundamental and it perfectly matches with food. 

However, I would like to explain you what “training” means to me.

If you are thinking about long sessions at the gym with weights or gym equipment, or a mad running, or fitness training for competitive sports… that is not what I refer to.

I have never been a “sportswoman”, or rather, I have never felt comfortable in playing sports.

My first positive approach to physical exercise was at the age of 18 at the gym, with the specific purpose of losing weight and toning up.

However, over time, I have realized that physical exercise gives me much more than a simple aesthetic benefit…

Certainly, living in a lean and harmonious body remains a very important thing for me (and I am quite sure it is the same for you…for whom it is not?!).

However, this is not my only motivation.

There are also other shades I am going to speak about in the future articles and contents.

What I propose you as “training” are not going to be traditional exercise sheets, repetitions and workouts but -as for food- practical suggestions to:

  • keep yourself on shape
  • tone up your muscles without forcing your joints
  • help digestion
  • have more energy and less stress

If you feel like me: you and sports have always been in conflict…do not worry!
I will suggest you a new way of taking care of yourself, feeling well and keeping on shape. 

Physical and food training are the main elements of the well-being and it is fundamental to use and balance them properly.