I would like to dedicate part of this project to a person who has been most special in my life.

This is for you, Tommaso:

“Not long ago we were talking about starting my own cooking blog and project, I was sharing with you my ideas and you encouraged me to do it.

At that time, my ideas were still unripe and I probably was not courageous enough to start.

At last, today I am here!
My face is in the pictures, my voice is in the videos, my recipes are shared by many people.

While writing down ideas, thoughts, contents, I think of you every moment.

I think how joyful it would be to share, ask, comment, discuss ideas with you.

I think how proud and happy you would be to see my project taking shape and my fears overcome.

Your journey, made of courage, patience, perseverance, is a source of inspiration for me, every day.

I am here today and you are a fundamental brick of the construction.

Because I feel you close even in this infinite distance in time and place.

Thank you!”

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