We met Francesca and her family back in 2012 when we did a pasta making class in their home.  

It was an incredible experience!

Since then, we have seen Francesca a few times when she’s come out to California to teach pasta making. We even hosted a class for all of our friends to experience her talents first hand. She is a truly gifted chef and an even sweeter person! If you want to learn from the best, Francesca is your girl!! Her new focus on wellness and a healthy lifestyle is something we can all learn from!

Heidi Askier S.


We had the good fortune to meet Francesca during a trip to Bologna while taking a food tour and cooking class with her family in 2008. That day blossomed into a lifelong friendship.
We have traveled to Italy many times since then, and hosted her during a cooking tour she did in the US. Francesca is a gifted teacher, sharing her knowledge and passion for cooking in a clear and fun way.

She is inquisitive and thoughtful, always patient and kind in her interactions.

We have watched her evolve and embrace a health-conscious lifestyle, and it’s a joy to see her sharing this passion with others.
Her warmth and authenticity permeates all that she does, and we would encourage anyone who has the opportunity to spend time with and learn from her to do so- without hesitation!

Kevin & Carol R.


Francesca’s longtime passion for teaching traditional Italian dishes of her hometown, Bologna, with her loving parents has evolved into a personal concept.

A concept very much in tune with my adopted hometown of Los Angeles, California.

In the past, Francesca came to Los Angeles to teach extremely popular hands-on handmade pasta classes. I feel her new way of lighter and healthier plant-based cooking along with a healthy lifestyle will be very appealing to many people hoping to adopt a healthier way to live.
I applaud Francesca for creating a lifestyle plan that speaks to the many people with dietary concerns who want to learn how to prepare delicious food in a health-conscience way.

Brad A.


Francesca is a fabulous chef keeping the traditions of authentic Italian cooking alive. And she is a wonderful person.

Valerie C.

I can’t recommend Francesca Tori enough.

She came to my restaurant several years ago and taught the kitchen how to make hand-rolled pasta. I later visited Francesca and her family in Bologna for more cooking classes and culinary exploration of Emilia Romagna. She is absolutely delightful — friendly, knowledgeable, and gracious. She is a pleasure to learn from, and is very passionate about Italian cuisine and culture.

Brian M.