Oil: yes or no?!?

Oil: yes or no?!?

When you think about oil, are you just worried about too many calories and fats?
If so, I understand it…in the past this was my only concern.

I used just few drops of it as if it were my worst enemy 🙂

Of course oil is “The Fat” and it is necessary to use it in a balanced way.
However, today, I do not consider it as an enemy anymore but as a fundamental ingredient for my recipes. In this article I am going to explain you how and why.

What kind of oil do I use?

Some years ago I discovered rice oil. An expert doctor in nutrition suggested me to use it daily as a raw seasoning in my dishes.
Growing up in Italy, I had always used extra virgin olive oil so in the beginning I was a bit skeptical. Today, I would never go back.

Rice oil is good and much easier to digest than other oils. Its delicate and neutral aroma makes it perfect to season any dish as it does not cover other ingredients: it exalts their flavor.

It is much used in oriental cuisine where it is known as “health oil”. It is excellent in preventing heart diseases and in reducing cholesterol.

How do I use rice oil?

I like using rice oil only raw and at the end, avoiding to sauté or fry it.
Later, I will explain you how I replaced “sautéed” in my recipes.

In this way:

  • dishes turn out to be healthier and easier to digest
  • you can use a bigger quantity of oil at the end as a dressing, at the same time maintaining your dish more dietetic. In fact, oil used to sauté is “hidden” and there is always more quantity than what you think.

Moreover, I use rice oil in all cakes, cookies, sweet or salty breads that need fats. It is very suitable because it does not alter the flavor!

If you do not know it yet, I suggest you to try it…

You will find this healthy ingredient in all my recipes but if for any reason you prefer not to use it you can replace it with the same quantity of your favorite oil.

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