What is


CookingTherapy is a method arising from my studies and personal experiences together (About). Over the years I have collected notes, thoughts, suggestions and recipes that, combined with my experience, helped me:


  • to keep my body healthy and in good shape
  • to handle my digestive difficulties and food intolerances, eating anyway delicious food
  • to control stress maintaining a positive and cheerful relation with food

The birth of CookingTherapy

Through the website www.annalisav5.sg-host.com, I am going to share with you practical suggestions, tricks and secrets that I have learned or that have been revealed to me for more than twenty years of culinary passion.

I must tell you that recipes hide secrets…

My first cooking “teacher” was my grandmother. When she taught me a new recipe, she did not just give me the list of ingredients but she explained me meticulously every single step of the preparation and all those tricks that make the difference between a good and a fabulous dish.

Starting from that point and by keeping learning, experimenting and studying, today I am able to realize dishes and recipes in a completely innovative way.

I have discovered that selecting the ingredients is just one of the steps. Then, it is fundamental how I combine, how I treat them, when and how much I eat of each.

To whom CookingTherapy is addressed

  • are you very busy and do not have much time to cook?
  • do you usually feel uncomfortable cooking but you are highly motivated in learning (when you try to reproduce a recipe, something always goes wrong)?
  • do you have food intolerances and you look for new ingredients to replace in recipes, keeping anyway your dishes beautiful, appealing and delicious?
  • would you like to feel in good harmony with your body (well-being) also through the food?


If your answer is positive to at least one of these answers, CookingTherapy can help you and you will find useful information here!

How CookingTherapy can help you?

CookingTherapy will help you to get more awareness about the food you eat and your body.
The project is divided into 4 areas, each of those with different objectives.


  1. Recipes: new ingredients, cooking methods, combinations and ideas to create tasty and healthy recipes;
  2. Tips: answers to your questions, suggestions on what to buy, what to have in your storage and how to keep it, how to save time, how to become better organized;
  3. Column: anything that usually you don’t find on a recipe book: how to select ingredients at the source, how to clean and preserve them, how to treat and cook them in order to get their properties and benefits at the best;
  4. Diary: the evolution of beliefs and certainties in dealing with food and training thanks to personal experiences, studies and new acquaintances

Online recipes can be very confusing…

Nowadays, you can find on the web recipes of any kind, accessible to all and for free. On the one hand, this is an excellent and unbelievable help, but on the other hand it can represent an obstacle and it can cause uncertainty.



  • you are looking for the recipe of a dish but you find so many different versions and variations. Which is the right one?
  • you finally find the right recipe for you but there is an ingredient you are intolerant to or you do not like at all. How can you replace it without compromising the final result?
  • among the wide range of recipes released, some of them suggest wrong or disproportionate amounts; however, you may realize it only at the end, when it’s too late!
  • often explanations of the recipes are very rough and take for granted that you know every single ingredient, how to clean, treat and cook it. But it is not?

The truth is that you can find many recipes but few explanations. 

The project www.annalisav5.sg-host.com is a reliable partner for…

In this blog you will find answers to questions you have always asked. The articles and media contents published every week will aim to explain all the steps, tricks and secrets that will help you to reach those goals. And to live in a better way your relation with food and cooking.
I will share with you all the useful details that help me every day to feel better, have more energy for my projects…and at the same time enjoy good food that satisfies the eyes, nose, palate and… the belly! Mine and of my family!


This is CookingTherapy 🙂

Now you have learnt about my project, if you like to know more about my story, discover who I am at the page About!