How to cook gluten free pasta

Gluten free pasta is always present in my food storage.

I love the version made with whole rice, buckwheat or a combination of other gluten free flours.
It took me many years to understand which one to choose and how to cook it in order to have a satisfying result: good texture and no gluey effect…

In this article I will reveal you all the tricks to cook an impeccable gluten free pasta!

First thing: which one to choose?

I suggest you to buy the single cereal variety either buckwheat or whole rice. Or the one made of mixed cereals (a combination of corn, rice, buckwheat and/or quinoa).

Personally, I am not a great fan of corn pasta, it gets sticky and gluey, it remains hard and it has a very high glycemic index.

I do not even like the one made out of legumes, it gets overcooked easily and my belly swells up. I prefer legumes served natural!

Always read the ingredient list: only cereal (flour) and water must be listed. If preservatives, starch or other non necessary ingredients are added, leave it.

If you are not familiar yet with gluten free pasta cooking, I suggest you to start with small and basic pasta shapes such as penne or caserecce, that keep the texture and do not split apart.

Spaghetti are difficult to cook and often they get cooked “in blocks”, whereas fusilli often break.

How to cook gluten free pasta?

The most important thing is the quantity of water: in a big pot you shall put a lot of water (1 liter each 100 grams of pasta). When water boils, throw the pasta.
Then add coarse salt and a spoon of oil. Stir immediately with a wooden spoon, cook at medium heat and stir frequently.

Never rely on the cooking time recommended on the package! It is never precise. Taste pasta or test it with a fork.

Especially if you are cooking a brand or kind of pasta you have never tried before.

When you drain it, always keep some cooking water aside. By adding it to the pasta and sauce, it will make your recipe creamier.

Dress it immediately: add oil and the sauce you have prepared in order it does not get sticky.

The best it to enjoy it just made and warm.

However, I use to make a bigger quantity than needed.
In this way we enjoy the leftovers later in the day (or the day after), room temperature…you should try, it is delicious!

Find out here how to prepare my gluten free pasta with broccoli!

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