Broccoli: how to choose, clean and cook them

Broccoli are beautiful, they look like a flower bouquet.

However they have a strong smell (that comes out during cooking) and they can be difficult to digest, giving a sense of swelling.
That is why some people do not feel comfortable eating them.

This was my case..but with the time and experience I have found out that what makes the difference is how they get cooked.So today they are not a problem anymore and I can enjoy their flavor, their benefits and their versatility.

In this article I will explain you how.

First of all: how to choose broccoli?

When you buy broccoli, you have to sharpen (and trust) your sight and, if possible, your touch.

Their color must be dark green and bright. If the flower (top part) is slightly brown, that means they are not fresh. So, don’t buy them.Broccoli stem must have a lighter green color.

If you have the chance to touch them, they must be firm and not “flabby”.

Have you found them? Great!

So you can proceed with phase two: how to clean broccoli?

Divide the “bouquet” from the stem.
The “bouquet” is made of many “small flowers”: with a knife cut them in order to have the top divided in many flowers.

What to do with the stem? You just need to clean it correctly:
the external part is very tough but inside it is so tender and tasty.

If you do not remove the skin, it will be hard like wood to eat!

So simply peel it as a potato and cut into small pieces.

Stem is my favorite part of broccoli…and I am sure if you follow this suggestion it will become your favorite too!

Wash broccoli (stem and flowers) leaving them in a bowl with cold water for about 10 minutes.

It is time for cooking: how to cook broccoli?

The way you have cleaned and the size you have cut broccoli will allow to cook them in just few minutes: you will gain time and broccoli will keep their properties alive.

Drain and throw them in a pot with salted boiling water.

They will cook in 3-4 minutes, check until they are fork tender.

They must keep their texture and their color must remain bright: in this way they will be tasty and easy to digest. And make your palate and belly happy!

Now they are ready for your recipes. You can enjoy them served natural as a side dish or in combination with rice.

Read here to find out how to prepare my recipe of pasta with broccoli!

P.s. Do not throw away cooking water from broccoli! You can use it to cook rice or another cereal you prefer.

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