My name is Francesca. 
My life is dedicated to cooking and physical training for health and wellness.  I have spent years researching and learning. Now my passion has become my career. 

Who is Francesca?
It is difficult to describe myself in a few lines…but I will do my best to use and put in practice my writing skills and English knowledge to do it!

I will certainly tell you who I am today, but I must include as well the past experiences because they have been fundamental in determining the present.

I am 32 year-old, I was born and grew up in Bologna, Italy, food and cooking have been part of my life since I was born.
My mother use to say that a generation is usually missed in handing down a passion…
I can say that in my family this did not happen!

In fact my great-grandmother, my grandmother, my mother and I have in common the passion and ability to cook and the love for food.

Kitchen has always been my favorite place to stay, where I have spent most of my time and to which I relate my best memories.


Cooking represents a change for me. And today, looking back to my previous experiences, I realize that past decisions have been fundamental.

Taking a direction instead of another one, can totally change things.

My way of cooking has been evolving together with me.

I started baking cakes and cookies with eggs, butter and sugar.

Later, I moved towards egg-pasta -hand made from scratch and rolled out with the rolling pin- a strong tradition related to my city.

Eventually, I gave cooking classes on how to make pasta in the USA, at restaurants, cooking schools and private homes in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Portland, Seattle, Dallas and Minneapolis.

It all seemed that this was my path and that I was about to take off… but something happened. Or rather, it fell. My life changed and as a consequence my approach towards cooking changed too.


I felt I needed something more.

Already, at that time, I felt that eating “traditional food” caused me disturbances, side effects such as physical discomfort and sometimes pain. I thought I was the problem; it is hard to make changes when surrounded by people who do not feel the same needs.

Love, dedication and a bit of luck are the ingredients that gave me motivation and more self confidence in following my path. The most important was meeting the person who today is my husband.

The challenge has been to keep changing, become more familiar with new ingredients, new recipes, new ways of cooking. Without forgetting all the good things I learned from traditional cuisine.


Over time, approach and goals to be achieved have changed.

At the same time, also physical exercise has gained more and more importance in my life; I will speak about training step by step, by telling you how it has related to my past and present life.

Every single day, training and cooking are the means to feel good and now they have become an indissoluble binomial.


So, that’s me: Francesca. Yesterday, many nicknames. Today, just Francesca. Because I love more than ever my name as it is!


I would like to dedicate part of this project to my brother Tommaso.

Not long ago we were talking about starting my own cooking blog and project, I was sharing with you my ideas and you encouraged me to do it.